Pirate 88 Radio Team:

8Legs Design Team

Captain: (Director) 
Elicia Petite
E: captain@pirate88.com

Anchor: (Manager)
Lisa Gabrielle
E: anchor@pirate88.com
P: +61 400 005 590

Cabin Boy: (Producer)
Aaron Tallot
E: cabinboy@pirate88.com

Bosun: (Artist of the Month/ Editor)
Luke Pelle
E: bosun@pirate88.com

Radio: (Sales/ Marketing)
Maria McHugh
E: radio@pirate88.com

Want to get involved: info@pirate88.com
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Little Spider: (Team Leader)
Taylor Ingvarson
E: littlespider@8legs.online

Artsy Spider: (Design)
Anthony Jackson 
E: artsyspider@8legs.online

Tiny Spider: (Web/ Socials)
Ning Wong
E: tinyspider@8legs.online