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The Magnetic South On Pirate88

We had the boys all the way from The Magnetic South on the line this week. Have a listen to what 2021 has install for them!

Drug Aware's Radiotown in Chinatown

Pirate88 got together with the Shire of Broome, BCCI, Regional Arts and Healthway to let the youth of Broome loose in Chinatown

to create their very own show and talk to important businesses in Chinatown.

Mandurah Boat Show

The Pirates took their ship to be about of the Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club together with BIAWA present the 2020 Mandurah Boat Show. 

Welcome to the new Meditation & Wellness Show with Tanya Servaas on Pirate88. To listen to this show live tune in on Thursdays at 1 pm and Sunday at 4 pm (Perth Western Australia time) to Pirate88 FM.

Fremantle Ports Passenger Terminal

Pirate88 took our pirate ship back in time to the Fremantle Ports - Fremantle Passenger Terminal Now and Then Day. We enjoyed the fashions of the era, the cars as we walked around the terminal looking at all the stories of yesteryear. We also had the pleasure of enjoying some local Freo Talent here are all the interviews!

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