Learn how a local Radio Station is turning radio as we know it on it's HEAD, saving businesses thousands in advertising costs and promising to bring in an explosion of new customers! 
Advertises ye business on local radio and save THOUSANDS on normal advertising costs and BRING IN HUNDREDS OF NEW CUSTOMERS. Normal small businesses, like yours can achieve the same results, all in less than 12 weeks! This is not some pirate talk but FACT when appliced with a solid and replicable strategy just like we use at Pirate88. We've been doing it for 10 years and counting.  Want to Learn More 
Why would we share this with you ? Because we care - radio should be for Community and Local Business - not just the Big-Wigs! By partnering with the local CCI, we've been able to reduce our operating costs.. which means you save BIG time. Are you afraid of not bringing in enough business this Winter to see you through until Summer? 
Remember, local radio WORKS if you're local. Online Local Radio works even better as we can target your customer and tell you exactly how many listeners you've had, which enables you to tweak your advertising message until you get those listeners taking a bite.. nice. It also means you can lower your spend until you hit the sweet spot... that's right, you don't need to spend a stack of cash to start getting results. Want to learn more ? 
Let Pirate88 design you a radio advert that brings you more customers today - you've got nothing to lose, right ?
100% Guaranteed no pressure ever & NO NASTY CONTRACTS EVER. We've worked hard to earn our good name and we'll keep working hard to keep it and to keep bringing ye new customers to your doors. 
But don't stress about the detail, flick Amazing Maria a quick email on and she'll sort you out with a Premium Starter Package - NO STRINGS ATTACHED - and definitely no planks to walk ! 
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generic radio advertising is still the best choice for your business

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Let the Pirate88 Crew loose at your event to rev up the energy and help get that party started!

Social Media

It gets busy running a business. Let us help you by running your social media includes a website!



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