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What’s On Land…. what’s at Sea? “Spilt Milk” run by Kicks Entertainment sponsored by “Triple J”

We had the privilege of attending Spilt Milk in Ballarat, thanks to Kicks Entertainment. 🙏

It was a very hot afternoon, but that didn't stop the crowds of patrons from streaming through the gates. The first act we saw from the sidelines of the VIP (Sitting Pretty Stage) we watched the amazing "Spacey Jane". The sound was amazing and Spacey Jane (Aria award winner) put on quite the performance as always, with "Booster Seat" and the crowd singing along to every word. With hit after hit of songs, we thought we might get amongst it and went into the Mosh Pit. Frontline singer Caleb Harper, of Fremantle (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) our hometown, sings from the heart and the stage presence of the band is next to nothing, amazing, the crowd loves them. You will regularly hear us play Spacey Jane on Pirate88 🏴‍☠️.

Next up we saw Wombats, UK Band from Liverpool. What a treat. Just as the Sun was setting. Back in the VIP, we were treated with hit after hit and some amazing banter by Frontline, Singer, Matthew Murphy. The hit single,Tokyo had the crowd cheering for more.

With the stars in the sky and the moon overheard, the crowd had been waiting patiently for Sydney's own, "Flume" with a welcome like no other and a teaser of amazing graphics built up on the back screens. Aria Award winning, "Harley Edward Streten" had the crowd screaming and reciting the lyrics to "Never Be Like You"

alongside co writer & singer Alessia De Gasperis, formally known as Kai. The hit single had the crowd begging for more. It was quite the performance. Flume played some of their old hits alongside more current; and just kept banging out hit after hit. This was a performance no one would have wanted to miss. All I can say is, what an amazing artist, DJ, Music Producer.

We wanted to be in two places at once, we heard DJ "Fisher" was at the other big tent "Basquait Stage". With a feeling like you were at the "Big Day Out" the setup and staging was phenomenal.

Well what a treat Fisher was, he knows how to amp up the crowd. He had pyrotechnics and large screens and the crowd just loved him. I must admit, I had quite the dance to some of the amazing tracks he was throwing out at the crowd and what stage presence. The crowd was filming with their phones and screaming we love you, Fisher. If anyone can keep the crowd entertained with hilarious banter, it's frontline Music Producer/ DJ Fisher (Aka, Paul Nicholas Fisher). Aria award winner 2018 with Track "Loosing It".

In between the amazing Headliners were some amazing little tents playing different DJs. The Red Bull Bus had its own DJ and was amping all day alongside the amazing Red Bull Bar. We just loved Red Frogs Chill out tent. They of course were giving patrons Red Frogs and water for hydration. We just wanted to give them a shout out and say, we love what you do. With bean bags to chill out on, red frogs unlimited supplies and a charging station just in case your phone did actually go flat.

They were the saviour tent for many. The Red Frogs Tent - Website:


You can find the same Red Frog Crew that help at schoolies/leavers week at music festivals all over Australia! We help with:

01Free Water Red Frogs facilitate hydrations stations to make sure patrons don’t get dehydrated on those hot sunny days.

02Free Food Where possible, we provide food - which helps to line the stomachs of patrons who might be drinking excessively.

03Free Frogs We also have a chill-out area so patrons can take time out from the mosh pit and hang out with the Froggers.

04First Response Our crew are constantly roving event/festival grounds to ensure patrons are safe, and to provide immediate help where needed.

Last but not least, a shout out to the "GOAT" (Greatest of all Time) Mountain Goat Tent. Every time we walked past it was banger upon banger, a mixture of old vs new songs. The DJ at the Mountain Goat Tent, knew how to amp up the crowd. They had a little group dancing in front of the DJ. We just had to step in for a little Boogie with the crowd.

With Sponsorship from Triple J, Kicks Entertainment knows how to throw a party. With sold out Gigs across Australia, here's to being at their next show. Thanks for the tickets, Jeff. We loved every minute of it.

This is Anchor, signing off 🏴‍☠️



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