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Pirate88's "What's At Sea"

Ahoy Fellow Pirates 🏴‍☠️ Check out our Website, Track Of The Year TOTY22 is back with a Vengeance. Bigger and Better. This year, catch us at Sea. Who's on our Pirate Ship? YOU!

Which special guests are there? The Steve Hensby Band, Hex of Whiskey Au Go Go performing a special accoustic song and one Amazing DJ/Producer whom you would have heard at Gods Kitchen.

$25 gets you General Admission which is a 3 hour Boat Ride along the Beautiful Swan River at Sunset aboard the Hula Hula. From 7pm sharp Thursday December 1st 2022. For those wanting a bit more for $88 you get a VIP Ticket which includes Dinner and Drinks for 3 hours - Beer, Wine and Softdrink. Please be aware - with a general ticket this aint included and there is no Alcohol available to purchase on board. Upgrades from General to VIP are available on Board if you change your mind. Food is available to purchase all night. Dinner for VIPs is courtesy of Inertia Life and Get Stuffed Potatoes Freo.

Bands/ Solo/ Acoustic/ DJs competing for TOTY 22, have the chance to perform one song/ track each and must be original work. You will be judged in front of a panel of 5 talented Music Legends and the entire 3 hours will go live to air on Pirate88 Local Radio Freo, so make sure your Family and Friends are tuned in when you go live to air. Anyone in the world can listen.

What's the Treasure?

Our Good Friends at Lush Music Management have sponsored this event and are offering 3 Months Free Label Management plus the chance to Tour with them, alongside Music Legends Whisky Au Go Go on the week of January 9, ending at Pirate88's Music Festival Jan 14 "Too Cute to Walk the Plank" at Freo - location announced shortly. This package also includes a Band or Acoustic or DJ Social Media Package plus one song Recorded and Produced by Brenton Meynell of Barefoot Bands.


Step 1: go to our webpage

Step 2: click on the "Track of the Year" tab

Step 3: fill out the form and submit your track with lyrics

Step 4: make your payment of $25 and we will send you a paid tax invoice receipt

Step 5: reherse reherse reherse

Step 6: see you on the Boat 🛥



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