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Nevertheless, they’re a four-piece Indie/Alternative/Rock band with the power of snake charmers, and are March’s Artists of the Month.

The fantastic band of four consisting of, Loehm Steel ,19 (Guitar and Vocals), John Porretta, 19 (Lead Guitar), Trent Pillai, 19 (Drums) and Harry Gedge, 18 (Bass), started playing together in year eight, playing covers at the school. By year 10, the boys had moved practice into Loehm’s shed where they had come up with their band name and started writing songs.


But there’s no set song writing process for this lot, claiming the songs can start through a jam, or sometimes someone will come in with a new riff or lyric and the band workshop it from there. “it changes from song to song” said Steel. But no matter the method, the band have managed to write a multitude of songs, naming the first song they ever wrote ‘wait another day’ as the song they would want the world to know about. Claiming it is the best lyrically and instrumentally and that it draws in the attention of everyone in the room, which is why they play it at the start of their sets. “it gets everyone from the bar intrigued and then just explodes into this journey” said Pillai. However this should not take away from other hits that the band have written, such as ‘Glimpse’ or ‘over your head’, a song which Steel believes is their “grooviest song thar makes you want to get up and dance.”


But where can you hear these songs? Well currently there is just the one song the boys have recorded called Glimpse, which can be found on their Spotify or Youtube. But with aspirations for recording around seven singles that they hope will accumulate onto an eventual E.P., there’s a chance there will be more music out soon. And there would have been music out sooner if not for issues caused by the pandemic, and the pricey nature of hiring a recording studio, which has frustrated the young four. Which you can hear in the song ‘wait another day’ that describes the feeling of not being able to go out and get stuff done.


As the band proceed to grind towards getting the songs recorded and mixed, they also have aspirations for touring. “the dream is to travel and play and do it for a living” they said. But the boys aren’t just talking the talk, but also walking the walk, taking every gig that comes up. “We’ll play anywhere if we get the chance cause we just love jamming and playing a good show” they said.  


But what exactly is the sound you can hear from this lot and where did it come from? The four, who took inspiration from the music played in their family homes, also took inspiration from artists they discovered in their own. Artists like ‘Jimi Hendrix’, ‘The Red Hot Chili Peppers’, ‘The Doors’ and even Australian artists like ‘Ocean Alley’ and ‘Spacey Jane’. Although the band has a sound inspired by the amalgamation of each of these artists, with some sounds being more prominent than others, the band has its own sound. When I asked them about their sound they said “Its finding a groove and finding our own sound through the music just sorta happens naturally and we’re just happy to do that.”


Overall, if you like Indie/Alternative/ Rock with hints of reggae that draw you in, high energy live shows with killer solos or some tunes to rock out to; then Nevertheless are the band for you.


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