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  By Luke Pellegrini ....... 30/1/21

Dion Mariani, it’s a name you may have heard before if you’ve paid any attention to the local Rock/Indie Rock scene in Australia. The artist has been a part of numerous successful musical endeavors. From his time as a youngster with band ‘The Flairz’ through to his crucial role in ‘Custom Royal’, Dion has worn many hats during his time with bands, often singing, playing guitar, and alternating bass duties with his cousin John whilst with ‘The Flairz’.


Now at 27, with all his musical knowledge, experience and talent, Dion has been working on his new project ‘Vancool’. The project started in 2019 and has resulted in a number of Rock/Indie Rock singles such as, ‘Better Tonight’, ‘Change Your Mind’ and ‘Undone’. These songs which captivate and energise audiences were all written, demoed, tracked and produced by Mariani, with the help of some friends in the drumming sections and occasional advice from producers.

The beauty of these songs, which have all been garnished with a touch of ‘The Beatles’ is the fun and spontaneous way they came to be, with ‘Better Tonight’ and ‘Change Your Mind’ being “accidents”. Mariani, who did everything on the fly in the studio, said “I remember going into the studio and thinking I don’t know what’s going to happen”. This has essentially been the essence of the whole project, Dion explained “I just woke up essentially one day and picked up the guitar, and within that split second the name of the project, the sound of the project just kind of made sense to me so suddenly”........continue reading.

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